Cancelled Classes for 2015-’16 School Year

Sydney Zatz, News Writer

New classes will be introduced at the start of next year, however many classes are being cancelled as well.

Ms. Krohse of the counseling office said, “We have a lot of electives and it’s all about what people want and that’s how we divide it up by sections. A class usually is cancelled because there wasn’t enough interest. Sometimes we combine classes that go together like Journalism and Advanced Journalism.”

The District and Administrative offices set the standard levels that need to be met for a class to happen. The University of Minnesota has it’s own standards for the CIS classes.

A class usually is cancelled because there wasn’t enough interest.

— Ms. Krohse

“Usually people take electives in their areas of interest. When people have extra space in their schedule, they take what’s interesting and fun to them. A lot of people who want to go into business take Kovach and Heilman’s classes and a lot of art students like to take photography” added Krohse.

With evolving interest from students, teachers like to create new classes. Teachers who have new ideas for classes put together the information and curriculum for the class. They then revise it through the administration and send it to the district office. If the district office approves it, the class gets picked up. Teachers usually start this process a year in advance.

Ms. Krohse added, “It’s so cool and unique that we get to see our schedules before we go off for summer. We’re able to fix things and know what hours we have classes before the first day of school. Which is really nice because then the first day of school isn’t as chaotic with people trying to figure out their classes. Not many schools do that so we’re very unique in that aspect.”

Down below is a list of new, combined and cancelled classes for the 2015-2016 school year. Schedules come out May 11 and review week will be May 11-15.


New Classes:

  • Creative Writing (this class is returning)
  • Spanish/ Latin America Cinema
  • French Cinema B
  • AP Biology
  • Mobile Apps Development (AP Computer Science is a prerequisite)


There will also be one generic Freshmen History A,B, C, putting them all in unison. World History will also be World History A, B and C. There is no more “choice” option for third trimester.


Combined Classes:

  • Jewelry/ Metalworks I and Creative Dimensions I
  • Journalism and Advanced Journalism
  • Aerobics A and Aerobics B
  • Weight Training Systems A & B & Advanced Weight Training
  • Speed Development I & II


Canceled Classes:

  • Graphic Design II
  • Creative Dimensions II
  • Painting II
  • Ceramics II
  • Jewelry II
  • Drawing III
  • Keyboarding C
  • Business/ Personal Law A,B,C
  • Fashion Merchandising A,B,C
  • Child Development B
  • Foods C
  • Exploring Relationships
  • Pro. Video Production
  • Advanced Design Build
  • Cabinetmaking
  • Welding and Milling
  • Custom Metalworks
  • Urban and Civil Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Sr. Spanish A,B,C
  • Theater Tech A,B,C
  • Step Aerobics
  • Strength Conditioning for Women
  • Fall Speed/Strength
  • Fall Speed/Strength II
  • Advanced Weight Training B
  • Meteorology
  • Field Geology
  • AP Government A & B