Drumline Season Comes to an End


Photo courtesy of Karly Kaufman

The Drumline Team in Dayton, Ohio for the WGI(Winter Guard International) tournament in April.

Olivia Weinberger, News Editor

Drumline wrapped up their season with a banquet this past Sunday to celebrate the season together. Their last big event of the season was when the entire team travelled to Dayton, Ohio for Internationals on April 7th.

They competed on Thursday the 9th, but unfortunately did not qualify for semifinals. Teams had to be ranked in the top 30 to move on, and they did not reach this cutoff. Senior Miriam Barnicle didn’t let this reflect their performance as a whole,

“We didn’t advance to the next round of competitions [but] we were really proud of our performance, it was a good show for us.”

we were really proud of our performance, it was a good show for us

— Miriam Barnicle

Although the team didn’t compete further in the tournament, they used their extra time for team bonding with bowling and hanging out. Near the end of the trip, they got to watch world finals which turned out to be a highlight of the trip for multiple team members.

Senior Olivia Jones explains that watching world finals helped the team “gain that experience of watching other drumlines and seeing that we can better. We can take and learn from it.”

Both Barnicle and Jones have words of advice for next years team. Over half of the team is seniors, which means they’ll be graduating this year, leaving a lot of shoes for the team to fill. Barnicle is confident in the underclassmen. Knowing they have a lot of potential, she feels next year is sure to be a success.

“Start preparing over the summer” advises Jones, “make sure you’re building the technique. Watch drumline videos and look at what they’re doing well.” The team won’t start rehearsing together until next October, but it’s crucial that team members put in work during the off season to help the team be the best it can be next year.

“Recruitment is I’d say the most important part,” says Senior Ben Jones, “We barely got enough people to do it this year and a lot of seniors will be leaving.”