NAHS- For Eagan’s Passionate Artists


by Audrey Heinz

Morgan Reddekopp, News Writer

EHS’s National Art Honors Society is one of many school activities this year. NAHS is a nationally sponsored honors society run by students who love and appreciate art. They meet every other Thursday. In order to join, you must be at least a sophomore, and you must have taken a certain number of art classes.

According to junior Audrey Heinz, NAHS is planning to have quite an eventful year. Later this month, they will be decorating pumpkins that will be displayed in the main office. They will also be going on their bi-annual trip to Chicago, where they will go to see art exhibits and shows.

Heinz praises the NAHS community by saying, “The community is awesome. It’s super upbeat and positive all the time, and everyone is really nice to each other. Even if you are a new member, we’re very inclusive of everyone.”

Heinz also states, “I guess what I’d want people to know is that they shouldn’t be afraid to join. If you’re artistic and love creating art or simply just like it, stop by and check NAHS out; don’t feel nervous. We welcome everybody and anybody who wants to join, so don’t feel like you’ll be the odd man out.”

If you are interested in joining the National Art Honors Society, head to the art room next Thursday for more information.

by Audrey Heinz
by Audrey Heinz