VOCA Singers Spread Holiday Cheer through Caroling

VOCA Singers Spread Holiday Cheer through Caroling

Elsie Goren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

For the holidays, select EHS singers performed popular carols. Members of the group VOCA spread joy around the community as they sang festive tunes.

VOCA is a combination of the extracurricular choirs Caché and Vox. Caché is composed entirely of girls whereas Vox is comprised of boys. Caché incorporates both juniors and seniors, and Vox encompasses juniors, seniors, and sophomores. Together, the groups create VOCA, a unique ensemble meant to perform difficult a cappella songs. However, individuals must audition in front of a panel of choir teachers to be considered. Because Hannah Perendy and Mark Moran are concert choir captains, they serve as the “unelected” leaders of VOCA. Students involved rehearse every Monday night, harmonizing a variety of music genres.

Mr. Cox elaborates, “some of the music is pop, some of it is traditional, but all of it lights a fire in the students that gets them excited to perform for an audience. They are a joy to work with and an honor to be around.”

VOCA’s melodies are heard at concerts and charity events, as well as during annual caroling. The caroling occurs at elementary schools and nursing homes, where youngsters and elderly citizens alike are invited to join along and spread cheer.

The vocalists also belt out holiday favorites for the Chamber of Commerce, the district office, and the Eagan Rotary. Elizabeth Belfiori, a senior member of VOCA, deems the situation, “pretty nerve-racking considering a lot of these people are the ones who help fund the school and strongly influence the community!”

In terms of music selection, the a cappella choir tends to perform traditional tracks such as “Joy to the World” and “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas.” The paramount goal is to choose well-known holiday carols to perform, so audience members can sing along and make holiday memories.

Many of VOCA’s talented performers also participate in “theater productions like the musical or Encore,” Belfiori explains. She clarifies, “some times of the year we stay at school pretty much all day.” Regardless, the a cappella choir’s dedication to success pays off. Mr. Cox explains, “my favorite part about VOCA is the singers; their personalities, work ethic, natural talent, and passion for performing.”