New Finals Schedule Implemented

Mariam Tahir and Isabel Davidson

img_1787Isabel Davidson

Finals are just around the corner, and with the trimester coming to a close, teachers are spreading the word about the new finals schedule.

This year’s modification is the first major change to the schedule since Eagan High School opened its doors to students in 1990. However, it isn’t the only revision. For instance, the past administration changed the five minutes between each class to ten minutes.

Starting on Wednesday, November 30th, students can start their day by coming to school for finals prep, an hour for students to get in last-minute studying or ask teachers specific questions about finals. “I like the fact that they now have a prep period. It now gives every student a chance to sleep in or meet with a teacher to study a little bit,” explains Mr. Poehler, Eagan developmental psychology and history teacher.

The finals prep hour is not mandatory, and those who decide not to go can sleep in. However, all students must be in their classes by 8:40 am.

Similarly to last year, even hour exams are on the first day of finals. Students will start their day in second hour then go to fourth hour. Afterward, they will go to PAWS. During this time, students will eat lunch and have a chance to study or relax. They will end the day with their sixth-hour final.

img_1792-2Isabel Davidson

On the second day (December 1st), students will start their morning in first hour, continue to third hour, and proceed to PAWS, which again includes the quiet study time and lunch. Then, students will continue on to fifth hour and finally seventh hour. “I really like that we don’t have the split fifth hour. It used to be hard to cut the final in half or have the students finish the final in one day,” says business teacher Mr. Kovach.

The new schedule gives students a lot of free time to get some last-minute studying or relaxing in. For students who are looking for a break from studying, downloading movies to their devices is a good idea. However, with more than 2,000 people on the guest wifi network, the system might not be running as smoothly. Once again, the administration is encouraging students to prepare ahead of time.

The administration has also shortened finals from ninety minutes to seventy-five minutes. They recommend that teachers shorten their finals as well. “It’s time to switch things up. Change is good,” explains Mr. Poehler.

Even though the exams are shorter than usual, high schoolers should still come prepared. In fact, Cocoa and Cram is an opportunity for students to study for finals. This year, the age-old tradition falls on Monday, November 28th from 2:15 pm – 3:45 pm. The high school will provide free hot chocolate in the cafeteria as students study for their finals.

Good luck Eagan!