NHS Welcomes New Members


Photo coutesy of www.nhs.us

Mariam Tahir and Kendra Held

On Monday, May 22, students will be inducted into National Honor Society. NHS is an organization that recognizes high-achieving students who excel in areas of service and leadership. “NHS is important because it is an opportunity for students to be recognized for the four pillars: character, leadership, service, and scholarship,” explains one of the NHS advisors, Ms. Francek.

“I joined because it looks good on college applications, and it’s also really cool to volunteer,” says junior Jessica Lundquist.

This year the application process started in late April when students completed an application packet. The materials for the selection process consisted of an essay, at least 24 hours of community service, and a GPA of 3.4 – 3.69. The faculty played a big part in choosing who would eventually become a member of NHS.

At the induction ceremony, seniors will start off on stage in the auditorium, and new members will take their place as the seniors graduate. “It’s kind of a symbolic gesture,” describes Francek.

Mr. Brook, an English teacher, will be speaking at the ceremony this year. “We leave it up to the students [to choose] a teacher they admire and respect and someone who can motivate them to do service,” says Francek.

NHS has been around for as long as Ms. Francek can remember. “Our Eagan chapter has probably been around for longer than I’ve been teaching here. I’ve been an advisor for about 12 or 13 years,” she confides.

At the induction ceremony, the next school year’s officers are typically announced, but that will no longer be the case. “We are not going to be announcing it at the ceremony, but we will be selecting them in September,” Ms. Francek clarifies. Juniors who would like to be officers must submit a letter about their vision of NHS and a resume. The outgoing officers then choose who the new officers will be. “We look for people who have the time to put into NHS,” explains Francek.

“National Honor Society is a nice recognition for kids who are well-rounded students,” Francek concludes. Congratulations to all new members.