Armful of Love helps EHS give back

Hana Diwan, Photographer

This year, like many before, Eagan High school is collecting money to buy gifts to donate to people in the community who cannot afford to buy any during the holiday season. Each PAWS class raises money and some members of Student Government will go out and purchase the presents. Once they are bought, they will also be wrapped. From there, they will go to a nonprofit organization located in Burnsville, called 360 Communities.

According to Mr. Kovach, the current Student Government adviser, Eagan High school has been participating in Armful of Love for over 15 years. EHS first started participating in it about the time that Student Government was first established. The first adviser of the club was Jan Lee (a former Math teacher).

Mr. Kovach says that EHS is once again planning to participate next year. Kovach believes that this is a success each year, as students of every PAWS class are willing to donate and help out others.

Many people get lots of gifts each holiday, so it’s important to not forget that there are others who don’t get any. Armful of Love is a great way to be thankful for what you have (especially during this upcoming Thanksgiving) and help spread the joy!

For more information about Armful of Love and 360 Communities visit self-sufficiency/armful-of-love/.