EHS strikes for change


Dani Fraher, Staff Writer

The threat of climate change is becoming more and more evident in modern times. Many people are concerned about the Earth’s future, and none arguably more than today’s youth – which is why Tori Westenberg and Heden Abdulahi are doing something about it.

At 11:30 A.M. on Friday, September 20, an estimated 5,000 people are expected – “But hopefully more,” says Tori – to show up at Western Sculpture Park in St. Paul and march to the Capitol for the Minnesota Youth Climate Strike. Elected officials, indigenous people, and students will be speaking out, hoping to influence government officials and leaders. They’ll focus on climate justice, the power of the youth, and what they can do to get more involved. But the assembly doesn’t stop there – after the spokespeople are finished, there will be time to participate at various booths that focus on empowering youth and crushing the climate crisis.

Those attending are making demands such as declaring the climate crisis as a local, state, and national emergency and adopting the Green New Deal. This would bring our country and state 100 percent clean. They aim to promote regulations on the lead content in the cities around Minneapolis. They call for officials to transition HERC facilities away from trash incineration and into green energy. While ralliers fiercely request these specific policies and actions, the strike is nonpartisan; the globe is warming whether everyone votes Republican or Democrat.

Tori and Heden are imploring and vouching for students to join the strike, to make a worthwhile sacrifice of skipping school for the sake of the planet. They state, “We skip school for the climate strike not because we don’t value our educations, but because climate change puts the value of our education at risk.” And with only twelve years to stop climate change, the time for action is now.

If you want to fight for a breathable future, come to Western Sculpture Park, St. Paul, MN 55102 at 11:30-2:00 P.M. this Friday. It’s time for all of us to make a stand.