Eagan Community Sticking it to Cancer

Rayyaan Usmani, Sports Writer

High Schools Against Cancer held its second annual Stick it to Cancer fundraiser during the Boys’ and Girls’ hockey games on Saturday, January 24. Though the event is just emerging as an annual event for the group, it has already been quite a success during its first two years. Board member Josh Edelstein stated, “Every year, we look forward to this very impactful event.” The fundraiser involves many traditions, including all fans wearing white as they come together with the motto, “Unite in the fight and wear white as we stick it to cancer!”

Though High Schools Against Cancer has a variety of events, including Tackle Cancer during the football season, Stick it to Cancer is one of the group’s major events throughout the year. It is definitely more than just a pair of hockey games. Board member Sydney Zatz exclaims that the group has definitely discussed doing a similar event during a basketball game one of these upcoming years. “We would really like to grow this event into a major success in the years to come.” Many families are affected by cancer in different ways, and this event allows these men and women to come together to fight against the deadly disease. Edelstein specified, “The event is a lot of fun. It is really cool to see how generous the community is, especially when they are fighting for a good cause.”

Though the boys did not manage to pull away with a win, the girls’ squad did beat the Eastview Lightning. But not only did the girls’ team win, the entire community did. Edelstein pegged the event as a success. The fans who attended the game raised $500, all of which will go towards the Children’s Hospital Kids Cancer Fund. There was also a very emotional moment when Steve Plaschko did the ceremonial puck drop to his daughter Meghan at the event.

Overall, it was a great night honoring the various different families that have been affected by the disease. No doubt, High Schools Against Cancer is starting a beautiful tradition that will continue to build in the future as more and more people take notice of the event, attend the games, and donate more money to the cause. Without a doubt, we all want to “stick it to cancer”.