Word in the Halls: Homecoming edition

Marisa Goffman, Features Writer

When is it too early to ask someone to homecoming?

Evan Blom (10): “Before school starts in the fall.”

Hannah Thomas (10): “Before Labor Day.”

Miriam Lebowitz (12): “Anytime before school starts or the day after Labor Day.”

Isaiah Milbank (11): “Two weeks before homecoming week or before the person has started thinking about who they should go with.”


How many people is the perfect group size?

Evan Blom: “Eight people. Any more than that is too many.”

Hannah Thomas: “Four to ten (people). If it’s more than 12 people, that’s a lot.”

Miriam Lebowitz: “Anything under 15 is a good amount, not too many.”

Isaiah Milbank: “Five people is the way to go.”