Frozen II having hit theaters November 22nd was easily the top news amongst my friends and it didn’t take long for me to assemble a group to go. Disney’s trailer for the film gives essentially zero information about the plot, making it that much more exciting. I went in with high expectations, having hope for a possible queer love interest for Elsa. After Frozen was released in 2013 fans across the globe connected with the powerful representation of discovering yourself and doing it without a partner to carry you. While this portrayal of an independent Disney Princess is a necessary one, (especially for young girls) many, including myself, still hoped it might give the opportunity to incorporate an LGBT character into the Disney realm.  More than halfway through the movie it was clear that this story was not going to be a love story but a continuation of the journey Elsa and Anna take to discover themselves and their past. Disney became bombarded with questions following the first Frozen movie such as “How did Elsa get her powers?” “Why doesn’t Anna have powers?” “Who were Elsa’s parents?” and more. The sequel to Frozen expands on all these inquiries and we see yet again the independent snow queen who takes charge of herself to discover the “unknown.” I can’t say I wasn’t hoping for some LGBT representation, but I can’t say I’m too disappointed either. We see other types of love in the film that are just as crucial. The bond between Elsa and Anna is strengthened as well as Elsa’s love and confidence with herself. After finding out who she is and where she came from she finds a place where she feels she truly belongs, and overall, that’s the true happy ending we all want.