Ask Karly

Karly Kaufman, Features Editor

1.I just broke up with my boyfriend, but he is still really clingy and it’s starting to get on my nerves, what should I do?

It’s a good thing you got out of the relationship. If he starts to act clingy and creepy, not only is that a bad sign, but it’s also emotional abuse on you. Try talking to him and telling him to back off and give you space. This is high school too, so there are more chances to date and meet a better person for you.

 2.I’m getting worried about AP testing and don’t know how to do better in the class, any advice?

The best thing to do is to study! It may be hard to motivate yourself, so either go in for help from your teacher or get a couple friends together to practice some tests or quizzes. Just make sure to start studying now, because it will come up faster than you think!

 3.What do I do if I ever come across a situation where people are drinking, especially with prom coming up?

My question back to you would be, why drink? There is plenty of fun to have without drinking, so what is the point of drinking? If you ever feel pressured an option would be to call a friend to get you out of the situation, if not a friend, then a parent. Just be smart about the choices you are going to make.

 4.I really want to go to prom, but I don’t know if I will get asked. How do I let people know I want to go?

You could tell your friends and have them mention it to other people or mention it to a guy friend that you want to go but don’t have a date yet. Or better yet, since it’s 2014, you could always ask the guy! That’s what I did, and he said yes, so don’t be afraid to do that option.

 5.My grades are starting to slip already, but I’m not doing anything differently in my study or homework habits, what do I do?

Most likely it’s just the anxiety of wanting summer to come. As awful as it may sound, try studying a little bit earlier for tests and quizzes. Go in to talk to your teachers for help or ways to get a better grade. They want to help you finish out the year with good grades, so don’t be afraid to ask!