Finals Wrap up Trimester Two

Kyle Volkers, News Writer

Finals took place at EHS a week before spring break this year. Even-period finals took place on Thursday, March 13 and odd period finals took place on Friday, March 14.

Many students over stressed because of Eagan’s final schedule, which is having all seven classes in a two-day period. To deal with the stress, many students took care of any last minute questions they had for their teacher, started studying early, and made sure to know what they should study for.

There were many study strategies that kids used to prepare for finals time. Some good methods to study were making flashcards, studying in a group with friends, and testing yourself on what you just studied to see if you can remember it.

Although finals in general don’t usually affect your grade too much, totally bombing it or acing it could make a big difference. Thursday, March 20th, all final grades were released for trimester two.