Many ‘Magical Moments’ For EHS Speech Team

Robyn Ehrlich, News Writer


Magical Moments, Eagan High Schools’ annual speech team performance, has come once again to the auditorium on April fourth at 7 pm.

Senior Adam Stromme, a long time member of the Eagan High Schools’ speech team, explained the logistics behind this event.

“It’s basically just an exhibition giving small snippets of every single person’s’ speech. So you can at least get a general idea of what they’re doing,” he said. “They pick something that’s kind of representative or interesting to watch and they perform it in turn, category by category.”

The double entered extemporaneous speaker also mentioned how exciting it is, not only for the audience, though it is extremely intriguing for them, but for the other members of the team, as well. “The interesting thing about speech is that we have hundreds of speakers, but the incredible part is since you’re normally working on your own category or categories you don’t get to see a lot of what other people do.” Magical Moments is an amazing opportunity for fellow speakers to see what their teammates have been working on.

Sophomore Sarah Gong, another speech team member, added that some “draw-categories” such as herself will be doing skits rather than the expected informative speech.

Stromme also promoted the event in saying that it is a really exciting event to get into, and that it isn’t too expensive. It’s a two hour show featuring some of EHS’s senior performers, like Nissi Kunjummen and Quincy Nkwonta. Nkwonta and Nick Saxton, a junior, are doing a duo. “We also have full length pieces, spotlighting our performers who are going to state. “

Everyone from students to friends and family was invited, and attended the performances. “You get to see the essence of what each category is about,” Adam Stromme added, “which is really great.”