Prior Lake Seniors ‘Prank’ EHS

Mikaila Johns, News Writer

Some students saw the yellow bus pull up into Eagan’s East entrance lot full of Prior lake kids. Well they weren’t here for a sports game of an activity after school.

Prior Lake Seniors decided to take a school bus not just to Eagan High School, but to all the districts in their conference. Mr. Kovach said “It was their Senior prank, for all the seniors to get on a bus and drive to different schools in their conference.”

A lot of Eagan kids didn’t really notice when we saw them at our school and quite frankly didn’t really care. Freshman, Jake Jackson, said, ”Wait, Prior Lake seniors came to Eagan? I didn’t even know or hear about them coming over”.

It shows that their attempt at a “senior prank” didn’t pay off or get any recognition from us Wildcats. Mr. Kovach states “Yeah, not a whole lot of people realized that Prior Lake came over to Eagan. They didn’t get that much recognition from other schools in their conference as well.”

It goes to show that hopefully Eagan Seniors can come up with a more than noticeable prank than Prior Lakes attempt.