Cafeteria Undergoes Change

Robyn Ehrlich, News Writer

By now, the majority of Eagan High School students have noticed the updated organization of the cafeteria. However, many are confused as to why this change has occurred.

After speaking with Karen Cahow, an almost two-year employee in the EHS cafeteria, everything has became more clear. Cahow says that other high schools have inspired EHS executives to make this change after hearing of their success stories using this cafeteria format.

What the people involved with this change have attempted to do is make everything much more accessible for students, from the “flow” of the cafeteria to the now regular-priced, customizable sandwiches. Now, with this change of organization, all foods priced at $2.45 are in a row, making it easier to access the two-sided salad bar. This will grow in size substantially along with the a la carte options, and the cash registers.

“What we’ve focused on for the last two years is more fresh fruits and vegetables,” Karen Cahow explains. “We want you to have a restaurant experience.”

Cahow also explains the changes made in some of the EHS recipes. On July 1st, 2014, the final copy of the food and health regulations from the first lady Michelle Obama’s initiative for a healthier community was passed to EHS.

“As for the chicken,” she says, “some of the meat products were still too high in sodium, so we had to bring in some new products.” The EHS lunchroom staff are sticking up for the students, though. Their boss had recently asked the chefs to serve queso rice rather than regular rice, but Cahow and the other employees knew that not many would appreciate that. “We’ve decided to serve [the rice] with a chicken base and a little garlic,” Cahow tells, hoping that the students learn to love the new, healthier food options.