EHS Participates in New ‘BETA’ Experiment

Robyn Ehrlich, News Writer

This year, Eagan High School decided to take part in an experiment the administrators are calling “Beta Testing.” The classrooms involved will be using something the others don’t have: Ipads.

The district sent out a message inquiring as to which schools and which classrooms would like to give learning with the assistance of technology a try. Six teachers volunteered to lead their classes in this experiment, and so, some students were given access to this new machinery.

“This [the Ipad beta] doesn’t change the curriculum at all,” Rita Anderson of the ITC assures. “It’s just very exciting and could make things a lot easier in the classrooms.” Ms. Anderson believes that in a few years time, everyone will be using the Ipads and embracing them as the new norm, not only across Eagan, but, hopefully, across the country.

However, the new Ipads came with a fault. On the very first day that students received them, they failed to function correctly.

Junior Ellie Simonett was the first to experience these technical difficulties. Simonett accidentally typed in the wrong passcode upon trying to unlock her new Ipad, but managed to completely lock herself out. These troubles aside, now that her Ipad is fixed she thoroughly enjoys it.

“I’m happy with it,” Ellie says. “I get to use it for a lot of other classes.” All in all, this experiment is looking to be a success.