Trap Team Shooting Up in Popularity

Anthony Metcalfe, Editor-in-Chief

A lesser-known Eagan team, Wildcat trap shooting is looking forward to getting started. A more individual-based sport, trap shooting came to Eagan High School in 2012, where they had their inaugural season complete with 38 competitors. However, just last year they had already increased that total to 54 competitors, showing that it is a sport that is getting its name out there. Junior Jack Malloy has taken notice, and said that even this year “there are a lot more people joining,” adding on that it is “getting a lot bigger.”’

These competitors, both males and females, are going out for one reason: to shoot. Still not a sport filled with fanfare like the other spring games, Malloy explains that its just “nice going out to shoot.”

This doesn’t mean that the team lacks competitiveness, however, as there are still many competitions to show their strength as shooters. Throughout the season they go out and get a score, fueled by many players–including Malloy–wanting to get the elusive perfect score, not missing a shot.

As their season starts, expect to see a lot of shooters on the team. Albeit young, the team, entering its third year competing, should see some strong results, led by shooters such as Malloy, Sam Walleen, Noah Simpson, and others. While you may not know that much about it now, take notice, because it’s growing rapidly.