Eagan Theater presents Romeo and Juliet


Senior Kai Wilson and junior Eric Sorensen worked with alumni Meghan Kreidler and Ms. Owzarek on the production of Romeo & Juliet.

Kaitlyn Fisher, News Writer

The pandemic has complicated and changed many programs at Eagan High School. One of these programs is theater. Typically, every year there is a One-Act play, where students compete with their play in the Minnesota State High School League. There are many rules, such as, it can only be 35 minutes long, you have to construct your set in 10 minutes, and a maximum of 20 students can be involved in it. When the play is prepared, it’s usually performed in front of judges at a multitude of different schools. The ultimate goal is to advance to the state One-Act Festival. Since Mrs. Owzarek has started directing, Eagan has gone to state for 10 years.


“This year, because of COVID, of course everything is different,” explained Mrs. Owzarek in an interview. “We decided not to enter the One-Act competition because you can’t travel to schools, and the only thing you could do is stand six feet apart and talk out to the audience with a mask on and film it with one camera.” To many, this may be a let-down, but Eagan’s theater program has been resilient in providing COVID-safe theatre programs.


Instead of a One-Act, this year it will be completely different. “We’re calling it Romeo and Juliet: Moments from a Tragedy,” stated Mrs. Owzarek. “Because the play’s so old, there’s no copyright laws, so I decided to do the balcony scene with two of my experienced actors.” The actors were able to film it onstage and take their masks off for it because they were always at least 12 feet apart. Not only did students get involved, but teachers as well. For characters such as Friar Lawrence, ninth grade teachers stepped in. “Wait till you see Mr. Mass, he’s hilarious, he’s in a monk robe.” There are a few scenes that were filmed and an editor is going to put it all together. Since all freshmen are required to read Romeo and Juliet, it will be shown to them near the end of the trimester. 


This entire play is just another example of the diverse programs offered at Eagan High School, and the resilience they have during this pandemic. Not only did students get involved, but teachers too, and Mrs. Owzarek is behind all of it. The theater program is spectacular, and it will be a delight to watch this production when it comes out. Hopefully next year One-Act will go back to normal and Eagan will be able to participate, but for now Romeo and Juliet: Moments from a Tragedy will be a wonderful production.