Jem and the Holograms Pulled From Theaters


Gina Berthiaume, Features

After a movie is booked at a theater, the theater is obligated to show the film for at least two weeks. But Universal Studios, who produced Jem and the Holograms, shocked everyone by immediately pulling that film from all theaters after that two weeks was over.

Jem only made 1.37 million dollars on its opening weekend. In fact, it was the worst opening for any movie ever produced by a large studio such as Universal. Jem was most likely playing to nearly empty screenings, since it only made about $547 per theater on its opening weekend.

The movie was based off the 1980’s cartoon Jem, made by Hasbro. Critics, however, were not happy with the reboot. Unanimously bad reviews and a 20% score on Rotten Tomatoes did not help the film.

“When the lumbering, overstuffed, unfocused plot of Jem and the Holograms shows up, whatever high hopes we might have had for this latest exploitation of 1980s nostalgia are slowly ground away.” says Neil Genzlinger of the New York Times.

“What good intentions Jem and the Holograms has are weighed down by its cheap aesthetic and thinly-drawn storyline.” adds Sandy Schaefer of Screen Rant.

The original cartoon was about a pop star with a secret identity, but the feature film centered on a girl who became a reluctant YouTube star. The creator of the cartoon, Christy Marx, claims she wasn’t even informed about the film until shortly before the trailer was released and is “deeply unhappy about being shut out of the project

Recent reboots of old franchises have been very successful. For example, Jurassic World was impressively popular in its opening week and after. But if you were hoping for bit of 80’s nostalgia with Jem and The Holograms, it looks like you’ll be sadly disappointed.