Review: ISideWith vs. IStandWith


Gina Berthiaume, Features Writer

In this day and age, we use the internet for everything from homework to video games, social media to science. But now, people are turning to websites to help them with their political views. Many online quizzes claim to match you with your perfect candidate- but how accurate are they? To find out, let’s take two popular websites: IStandWith and ISideWith. Both of these websites offer quizzes to help you decide who you should vote for in the upcoming presidential elections.

First up: IStandWith. Not looking great for this contender. In the massive banner on the main page, there’s already a grammatical error: “TAKE A QUIZ TO KNOW, WHO SHOULD VOTE FOR AS PER THEIR POLICIES.” That comma has no business being there. But let’s continue anyway. If you click on the banner, it brings you to the quiz, which consists of fifteen questions about major political issues such as abortion, Obamacare, and global warming. You can only choose from two answers per question, most of which are yes or no. The questions are extremely broad and vague, not giving much information at all. After breezing through the quiz, you will be presented with a banner that only tells you with which party your views align- the Democrats or the Republicans. It does not tell you a specific candidate whom you should vote for, so the banner on the front page with the faces of all the different presidential candidates was a bit misleading. There are also more examples of poor word use on this page. The site is very simple, overall, and it really doesn’t give you much good information.

So how about that other site? ISideWith has a much more organized front page. But be warned: The quiz is very long. However, this quiz is much more specific. It offers a wide variety of options  for you to express your views, even allowing you to rank how important you believe a specific problem is. The results are even more informative: Not only do they tell you with which party you side with, it also tells you which candidate you align with and the exact percentage of things you agree on. You can see everything graphed out and learn a lot about different aspects of politics. You can even see what areas of the USA contain the most people that agree with you! Overall, this website is much more helpful, interesting and informative.

Should you let a website decide who you vote for or influence your views? The answer is up to you. But if you’re going to use the web as a tool for politics, ISidewith is likely the better choice.