Word in the Halls: Dress Code

Should we have a dress code? What should we ban/not ban?

Paige Dresow, Features Editor

This week, we asked EHS students and staff to share their thoughts on a dress code at Eagan.


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“I don’t want a dress code, at the beginning we didn’t wear [required] clothes so why now?”—AJ Campbell, Senior


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“If there is a dress code we should be allowed to wear tank tops and when wearing shorts have them be an appropriate length.”—Nia Steele, Freshman


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“I believe that we shouldn’t have a dress code. We are in high school, we should know how to dress.”—Amanuel Teshome, Sophomore


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“I don’t think there should be a dress code, the code can be excessive, you should dress how you want to be perceived.”—Brooklyn Alexander, Junior


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“I wouldn’t mind having a dress code, it puts people on the same grounds.”—Ms. Molstre-Kotz (MK)