Restaurant Review: Naf Naf Grill

Angelina Wandzel , Features Writer

Naf Naf Grill is a restaurant that serves Middle Eastern food with a menu that consists of salads, oven baked pitas, and many sauces. They’re also known by many people for their award-winning falafel and shawarma. Naf Naf Grill has multiple locations in Minnesota including Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, Woodbury, and more, but I decided to check out its most recent location at 3340 Central Park Village Dr in Eagan.

The first thing that I noticed when I walked into Naf Naf Grill was its small size. The restaurant itself was large enough for a good number of customers but I feel like it would attract a bigger crowd if they made a better use of their space. Instead, they decided to put their kitchen in the middle of the building. Even with the limited space, I thought that the location of the kitchen was nice because customers were able to see what the chefs were making.

Speaking of the chefs and the rest of the staff, they weren’t the happiest but, then again, it was a busy day. When I asked questions, most of the staff members moved on to the next customer or gave me a puzzled look. One staff member even skipped over another customer and I when we were at the front of the line, but the cashier was definitely helpful and clear.

Moving onto the food itself. In my opinion, it had an interesting taste at a reasonable price. I got the Naf Fries and I thought that they were alright. I liked how original they were because they were hand-cut potato fries, but some of them were way too salty for me. Jessica Wold, a freshman, got the pita sandwich with falafel, onions, and garlic sauce. She stated that her sandwich was, “really good aside from the onions [because] they were stringy.” Wold concluded that, “[the food] was really good and [she’d] recommend it to anyone.”

I’d recommend Naf Naf Grill to anyone who likes good flavor for a great price. They don’t have a huge variety of things to order but anyone can easily customize their meal however they’d like. The restaurant itself seems good for slower days with less customers and the food only adds to how good my experience at Naf Naf Grill was.