Interesting Electives for the 2018-19 School Year

Lydia Dawson, Co-Editor in Chief

It’s just about mid-school year, and it’s time for registration for next year. For some people, figuring out electives can be the toughest part of scheduling and registration, as there are so many to choose from. However, from college prep courses like Writing for College, to art classes and of course, gyms, there’s no shortage of great elective classes at Eagan High School.

One English course, Mythology, is perfect for people who love the Percy Jackson series. “The first half is Greek Gods, and there’s a big Greek Myth project where students retell myths and legends, and the second half of the tri is more focused on the hero part and what makes a hero,” says Ms. Anderson, who teaches the course. She also adds that taking a course like Mythology can be helpful in the future, noting, “Mythological stories are good stories to have read when you go to college, they give you a good basis for references and allusions.” If you’re someone who prefers the reading part of English, it’s a great course for you. “It’s not a difficult course; it’s a lot of reading,” Ms Anderson adds. However, if you do enjoy more of the writing and want to get prepared for college, Writing for College would be a great elective to take. Both classes are open to grades 10, 11, and 12.

On another side of the spectrum, a class like Criminology would be great for someone who avidly watches Law and Order and prison documentaries. Mr Carlson, the Criminology teacher at EHS, lays out the basics of this course, saying, “We cover a variety of materials, from crime statistics and how they’re gathered, to areas of crime like occupational crime and the Mafia. We also get into theories of why people commit crime, a little bit on serial killers, crime scene investigations and forms of punishment.” Taking Criminology is a great way to let the typical academic part of your brain take a break, and as Mr Carlson explains, “It’s a topic that’s a little different than what you would normally cover in your other classes.” You can even take it multiple years, with Criminology A open as a one trimester class for grades 10, 11, and 12, and Criminology B open as a one trimester class to grades 11 and 12.

If you’ve ever explored the idea of becoming a chef, a hotel owner, or something similar, Hospitality Management would be great for you. It’s a good way to unwind from the usual hustle and bustle of the rest of your school day, and as Mrs. Keech, a hospitality teacher, describes, “We do a lot of hands-on activities . . . and field trips, so the students are out and about, but we always tie it back to the hospitality career options.” If you know you want to do something in the hospitality field, but aren’t sure just quite what, it could be great for you. Mrs. Keech explains, “There’s a huge amount of career exploration, and just lots of fun.”  She also adds, “the skills that you’re using in hospitality are going to stay with you well past high school,” because it’s inevitable to have to host some sort of celebration, bridal party, or baby shower in the future. Hospitality is available year round and is two hours a day, so it’s a great way to take some of the stress of choosing other electives off of your hands.

Regardless of what you take, electives are all about having a part of your day when you get to learn about something that interests you. Ranging from Aviation to SciFi and Fantasy Literature, there’s something for everyone. If all else fails, just take a study hall.