How to Study Like a Pro

Lydia Dawson, Co-Editor in Chief

It’s final week, and you know what that means. Continuous studying, all around the clock- or at least that’s what it feels like. In order for that studying to actually pay off though, you need to know what methods work best for you, and what methods don’t.

For upperclassmen, seniors especially, finals are a major ‘been there, done that.’ Senior Tram Nguyen can testify to this, and with all that experience comes fantastic advice. As she notes, “I’ve found out that if I try to teach myself and test myself out loud, it works for me.” This method is also known as the testing effect, which has proven that long-term memory increases when you force yourself to recall information while learning it. Another senior, Emma Anderson, adds on to that, saying, “For me, going to a coffee shop and bringing friends with [me] really helps, because we can all feed off of each other’s knowledge. Also, make cheat sheets even when teachers don’t require you to because it’s really helpful to write it down.”

There’s so many great studying tactics out there, but they might not work for everyone. Music is a great way to get some people to focus, but again, it’s not for everyone. As senior Michael Guzior states, “Listening to music just doesn’t work for me. I get too into it and just stop studying.” Sophomore Jillian Anderson’s kryptonite is multitasking. She says, “I can’t multitask, so I can’t be studying multiple subjects. I have to have a clear break.”

Studying is tough and time consuming for everyone, but fear not, Eagan is full of old pros who are ready and willing to give advice. “To be able to not stress out about it you should have worked the whole trimester so it builds up,” Nguyen explains. Building on Nguyen’s tip, Guzior adds, “[You should] repeat topics over and over again so it gets engraved in your brain.” It’s also important to study your most difficult subjects first, as E. Anderson suggests. “Prioritize your time really well. Even if it’s harder to study your worst subjects, they need to be the priority.”

With finals in the air, it’s always important to remember one thing- studying is very important and definitely necessary, but don’t let it consume you. Over-studying will only make it worse, and it’s good to keep in mind that taking breaks also helps; give your brain a chance to catch up with how hard you’re working.

Good luck, EHS!