Worth the Hype? Disney+

Sydney McGinn, Photo Editor

Is Disney+ worth the hype?


Disney+ debuted on November 11 as a new streaming service includes a vast mixture of classics, Star Wars movies, Marvel movies, and all new originals only available to watch on Disny+. The prices of a subscription vary.  A monthly subscription is $6.99 or you can get a yearly subscription for $69.99, with no current restrictions on the number of screens that can be logged-in under the subscription. This is a steep decline from Netflix’s prices of $9.00 monthly for only one screen and $16.00 monthly for four. Similar to Netflix, Disney+ allows you to create multiple profiles for different family members or friends complete with custom photos of your favorite Disney characters for profile images.  


Disney+, however, did not come without its faults. When the service first dropped it lacked some of the basics of any streaming service such as continue watching feature and a recommendations list, making it feel un-personalized and like more hassle than ease to get back to your previously viewed shows. These two issues have since been resolved, but that doesn’t take away from the other problems that have been projected to be more long term. First, the originals that Disney had been hoping to release with the release of the streaming service will now not be released for several more months. Many of said originals have a release date projected for late 2020. Along with that, other movies such as the recently released live-action films do not appear on the site. The live-action films that do appear won’t be released until late 2020.