Protecting against Coronavirus

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

2020 has started off very eventful, from the almost third World War to Kobe Byrant’s passing. The one thing affecting us all is the Coronavirus, also called Covid-19. This virus originated in China and has made its way into almost every continent and sadly, our state.  Now labeled a pandemic, it is a matter of time before this virus will hit close to us. Precautions have already been taken with several colleges shutting down, many high schools being closed and hand sanitizers and hand-washing reminders around the school. The virus, which has flu-like symptoms is transferred from person to person and has caused many public events to be canceled like March Madness. It’s important to remember that while the coronavirus might not be harmful to you if you have a strong immune system, many people are less fortunate and are at high risk if the virus continues to spread. Along with that, increasing the time that it takes for the virus to spread will give the medical industry more time to prepare. Here is what you can do to help protect yourself and others:


Wash your hands: This is the easiest and one of the most effective things we can do to stay protected. We touch desks, doorknobs, keyboards, and our phones and so much that carry so many germs. This virus can be transmitted from droplets or bacteria if someone coughs, and can be carried on your hands for up to 3 days.  Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water for at the very least 20 seconds to most effectively kill bacteria.  

Moisturize: While washing your hands is extremely important, it can also dry out your skin.  Cracked and broken skin makes it easier for germs to enter your body, so make sure that your hands are hydrated and your skin is healthy.


Don’t shake hands: We have all seen the elbow bump, a safer way to shake hands. This way we avoid touching other people who could be carrying the virus.


Cover your cough: The spit from your cough can travel far, and if you carry the virus or any other illness, it can easily get on someone else.  By covering your cough you reduce the likelihood you spread bacteria and germs.  


Don’t touch your face: It’s hard I know. We touch our faces several times an hour. So keep your hands away from your face, eyes, and mouth to help keep the virus from entering your body if you come in contact with it.  


Clean your surfaces: The Coronavirus can be carried on surfaces for three days So clean your phone, laptop and anything else you touch.  Also, be sure to wash your hands when touching surfaces that many other people touch.  


Distance yourself from people: In places where space is not limited, stand 6 feet or more away from people if you can. This way you will be less likely to have the disease transmitted as germs from the other person are likely to not travel more than six feet.  


Stay home when you can: More people moving around means more of a chance of spreading infection. It doesn’t seem ideal to stay home over spring break, but this virus can be transferred so easily that limiting the contact you have with others can help you stay healthy. 


If you’re sick, stay home: Please stay home if you arent feeling well. This goes for if anytime you are sick in general. Because symptoms of Covid-19 can be similar to the flu and allergies if you feel sick its best not to risk going out and interacting with others. If you think you have symptoms of the Coronavirus, contact your healthcare provider to find out more information.  If you think that you have Corona first try to make sure you don’t think your symptoms are flu or allergy-related, then make sure to contact medical care over the phone or internet first as not to spread the virus if you have it. 


All of these precautions are very simple and can help stop the spread of the virus. With no vaccine or medicine to help with Covid-19 at the moment, these are the ways you can protect yourself and those around you. Please stay safe.