What to do this winter

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

After a difficult and long year, the winter season has arrived, and we finally have some snow on the ground! Although many of the normal winter-season events are not happening like they usually do, there are still many winter activities to look forward to! Here are a few:

The St. Paul Winter Carnival: This carnival is one of the most memorable things of Minnesota winters! Certain events were canceled, but many of the staple events are still happening safely! There will be a drive-through ice sculpture park along with many virtual events! The carnival starts on January 28th.

Winter Lights, Winter in Bloom: The Arboretum is hosting a drive-by light festival along with showcasing ice sculptures! Tickets are $15 for non-members and $10 for members. The display runs through January 17th.

Nature Illuminated: The Minnesota Zoo is taking part in a light show! This event also has a good cause because it will raise awareness of endangered animals. Tickets are $50 per car and the display runs through January 17th.

Buck Hill: Buck Hill is now open for the season! They have a few guidelines to keep everyone safe, so check their website before planning your trip! Both tubing and the ski hills are currently open for use.

Visit an Ice Rink: Eagan outdoor ice rinks, along with many other skating rinks in the twin cities are currently open. However, prices and covid rules and restrictions vary by location so make sure to check beforehand to make sure you’re prepared.

Have a movie Netflix Party: This is a great virtual indoor activity to do with friends for the days when it might be too cold to venture outside. The Netflix Party feature is easy to install on a chrome browser and allows you to chat with friends while watching.

Host a zoom party: Zoom parties are a great way to hang out with friends online and allow you a great opportunity to have tons of fun. Some great zoom parties ideas are dress-up themes, PowerPoint night, or playing virtual games with your friends. This is a great option for staying inside during the cold winter while still staying safe.