What to do to spread some love this Valentines

Kaitlyn Fisher, Staff Writer

Valentine’s day is sneaking upon us, and if you’re anything like me you have nothing prepared. I try to do fun things for my friends and family every year, but it’s hard when time is limited and a pandemic is going on. If you are stressed there is no need to fear, because I have compiled a list of fun activities and things that you can do with/for your friends and family to show your love on Valentine’s Day.

  1. Make Valentine cards and send them to your friends and family

Who doesn’t like a nice handmade card? You can customize it, make it simple, make it extravagant, anything that you want! If you want fancy stationery and supplies you can buy them from Michaels, Target, and Walmart.

  1. Have a virtual movie night with your friends

There are so many amazing romance movies out there, whether they are romcoms, dramatic period pieces, or the movie version of your favorite romance novel, there is something for everyone. Set up a Netflix party, or zoom and share your screen, and spend the night eating popcorn and binging movies. Star Wars is always an option too if you happen to not like romance movies.

  1. Bake treats and deliver them to people

Valentine’s Day is a great holiday to show off your baking skills. You can make sugar cookies, cake, doughnuts, and more! When you have selected and baked your recipe, package them up and drop them off at your friend’s and neighbors’ houses. Food is always a good way to show someone you love them.

  1. Zoom party

At this point, I’ve had a Zoom party for practically every holiday, but they are safe and fun so they still make the list. Play games (JackboxTV has some great options), chat or drop off a party pack at everyone’s house before the Zoom. The possibilities are endless!

  1. Playlist swap

If you or someone you know loves music, then this will be a great option! Create a playlist with music that reminds you of the person you’re making it for and send it to them. You can exchange favorite songs, genres, and discover new music! This is a thoughtful and free gift for music lovers out there. You can make playlists on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, and a ton of other places.

Holidays can be hard to celebrate during these times, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Hopefully, with this list, you have some fun ideas that you can use to show your love this Valentine’s Day.