Freshman Retreat: Why you should go?

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

Freshman year is filled with many memorable events: the first day, your first homecoming, your first football game. However, one event that all EHS students remember is the Freshman Retreat. The retreat is a day for freshmen to learn about respect and to branch out from their usual groups and make new connections with others. It’s an event that all freshmen can experience together and can learn from! I talked to Ms. Lehmann, the advisor for the retreat and a senior who went to the retreat her freshman year.

When asked what exactly the freshman retreat is, Ms. Lehmann responded with, “It’s a day spent outside of the building to get freshmen more connected to each other and get a break from the routine. It’s all about respect so, it’s respecting yourself, respecting others, and standing up for respect.” The retreat teaches these principles in multiple, engaging ways from stories to singing to small groups! The small groups are led by juniors and seniors involved in Link, Student Ambassadors, and Drug Prevention classes. Ms. Lehmann describes the day as “fun and serious, but students normally have such a good time!”

The theme of the retreat is so important as respect is something we need to learn to have for ourselves before we can give it to others. Ms. Lehmann added saying, “We really want students to understand the culture at Eagan, that we do really want it to be about respect, it’s such a good way to start out freshman year!” The retreat also serves as a place to make new connections and relationships with others, “I think if we all go, it serves as a common language and experience we all have!” adds Ms. Lehmann! Kiersten Lee, a senior who attended the retreat explains why she decided to go, “I went because all of my friends and most of the grade were going, but I gained more respect and realization of many things”

Ms. Lehmann described her favorite memory from the retreat as being the “campfire” at the end: “I love the fact that the students get to speak from their heart and minds, just say something personal whether it’s about the day or something else!” explained Ms. Lehmann. Lee described that getting to know more people and having a good time was one of her favorite parts!
If you cannot afford the fee to go, scholarships are available! The Freshman Retreat is one of the most memorable events of high school so don’t miss out!