Eagan Seniors’ Favorite Classes


Sana Tahir, Features Writer

With registration time upon us, it can be overwhelming to pick and choose classes for the next year. While some are required, Eagan students have a chance to personalize their schedules by adding a few classes of their choice. I asked a few seniors what their favorite class has been here at Eagan!

Ainsley O’Higgins: ” Definitely DP! I personally love learning about psychology and I love being able to teach 6th graders. The people in the class are amazing and I love the teacher, Mr. Snobeck!”

Bella Zeman: “Probably Survey Art!”

Kiersten Lee: ” Power Volleyball because it was really fun to play with friends!”

Eli Turfler: “Power Volleyball! It was a ton of fun and you got to hang out with friends but there was still a sense of competitiveness to it.”

Cassi Sievwright: “My favorite class is probably Eagan AM! I like how the class has become a group where we collaborate and have to work together to accomplish a common goal. Also, it is a lot of fun learning all the different parts of how to fill and edit things!”

Julia Daley: “My favorite class I have taken has been DP. One of the reasons it is such a cool class is that you are with your DP class throughout the whole year for 2 periods a day. From this, you gain a great sense of community and closeness. It is also a great class to take if you enjoy working with kids!”

Sammy Scribner: “Probably photography because it was really fun but I also learned a lot. Using film in the dark room was really cool and something I had never seen before. I also learned a lot about using photoshop which I use to edit pictures and different things now!”

Sam Lyden: “My favorite class had definitely been physics with Mr. Dooley. He brings such a great energy to the class and makes it fun to learn.”

Kaylee Dehnke: “I would say CIS Intro to Public Speaking simply because the class dynamic was great!”