Which fast food restaurant is superior?


Credit to Aurora Magazine- Dawn

Sana Tahir, Features Writer

Fast food is a staple in American society. We crave it, we love it, and we eat it, a lot. With so many well-known establishments having a home in the city of Eagan, I asked Eagan high school students which establishment they liked the best and what their go-to order is.


Kylie Pesik: “Piada. I like their BLT wrap.”


Sam Lyden: “Arby’s, I like how the prices are cheap and the deal for shakes is really good. Also, they have the best ice cream shakes.”


Isaac Wodele: “Canes and their chicken.”


Ella DeMartelaere: “Starbucks. I order the brown sugar shaken espresso.”


Taylor Storkemp: Canes and I get the box combo with extra bread.”


Ryan Cullers: “Culver’s and their cheese curds.”


Isabelle Medina: ” Chipotle but specifically the MOA one and their burrito bowl.”


Jordan Goodro: “Canes and I order the Caniac Combo.”


Kaitlyn Matzek: “Zupa’s and my order is the Ultimate grilled cheese.”


Istahil Jama: “Lea Ann Chin and I order their fried rice with Mongolian chicken.”