LINK Program: Is it Effective?


Photo by Swati Rampalli

Mr. Becker, one of the teachers in charge of LINK, supports the program.

Swati Rampalli, News Writer

Controversies about the transitioning program, called LINK, have been racing around. Although it has been around for nine years, students are beginning to see how useful it really is.

According to Mr. Becker, one of the main coordinators of the LINK program, “The LINK program was invented by the Boomerang Project, with the purpose of having students help students succeed and has two mentors, which include upperclassman, with a crew of approximately ten freshman.”

Becker elaborates, “They talk to students about issues going on in the school and how to help them to succeed and just to make a big school seem small. ” Mr. Becker claims he was lucky enough to be asked to coordinate the program along with four other teachers, including Ms. Haus, Mr. Snobeck, and Ms. Catchpool. Dr. Zak is the leader of the program.

Becker declares, “I think that some of the things that come back to us from freshman, as they become sophomores, juniors, and seniors, is the feedback we get. They say it’s helped them meet other people within their class. It gives them guidance and somebody to talk to as far as what is happening in the school like finals, new teams, grades, co-curriculars, and schedules.”

It gives them guidance and somebody to talk to as far as what is happening in the school…

— Mr. Becker

LINK Leaders were chosen out of a pool of 350 applicants for 125 Link submissions. They come from every area of the school. The LINK Crew trains members of the Junior and Senior class to become LINK  Leaders. LINK Leaders prove to be positive role models and motivators as well as leaders who guide the freshman to discover what it takes to be successful during the transition. It gives them a connection to an upperclassman who they can go to if they have any questions. Also, students feel that it’s a way to decompress throughout the year.

The LINK Program also hosts many fun activities such as the Volleyball Tournament, The Amazing Race, and the Freshman Tailgate Party.

Freshmen of Eagan High School reveal information about the LINK program, “I think it’s very helpful, especially when you just start school because they get you more situated with how the school is. Also, without them, I believe we freshmen would get lost more than we did the first day of school.” She expands, “They’ve helped guide me [through the] school year and they make the atmosphere seem nice and calm rather than nerve-wracking and scared. My LINK Leaders helped me out a lot around the school and always answered my questions. I’ve considered being a LINK Leader before but not sure I would have the necessary leadership qualities to go with it.”

Overall, the LINK program seems to be doing well and provides a structure for freshmen to receive support and guidance from their LINK Leaders to make the successful transition to high school.