Sadies Replacement Under Consideration


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Renting out the Brunswick Zone is one of a few options to replace Sadies.

Robyn Ehrlich, News Writer

Although this year the Sadies dance will not be happening, Student Government has been hard at work creating options to replace it.

The Sadie Hawkins Dance is a nationwide tradition amongst high schools during which traditional roles are reversed and the girls ask the boys to be their dates. Due to the very low number of participants over the last few years’ “Sadies” festivities, EHS decided it was time to cut the program in itself.

Senior Abby Gaedtke, co-president of student government along with Ellie Lyne, explains the considerations in regards to the replacement for Sadies,

“We have a few options,” Gaedtke says. “We are just going around and getting votes and tallies throughout the student body.”

One of the options that student government had come up with was an expansion of the ever-popular EHS “Amazing Race,” which met a huge amount of success last year. Other options include a school-wide volleyball tournament, which would greatly resemble the earlier dodgeball tournament; or renting out the Brunswick Zone, a fairly well-known bowling alley.

“What we’re thinking [about doing] is renting out the place,” Gaedtke elaborates about renting out the Brunswick Zone, “Students would pay for tickets there like they would for a dance.”

The student government treasurer, junior Anna Krueger, has more to say on the volleyball tournament than any other event, “The volleyball tournament would be a really good time,” Krueger smiles, “It’s cheap, it’s fun, and I hope a lot of people go to that.”

It’s cheap, it’s fun, and I hope a lot of people go to that.

— Anna Krueger-on the volleyball tournament

Out of the votes that have been tallied so far, the Amazing Race extension seems to be out of the running and will be mainly left to the students involved with LINK to plan. However, there are still some decisions to be made. Although Krueger does not believe that Brunswick alone is going to be chosen, perhaps both bowling and the volleyball tournament could happen.

“We might do both,” Abby Gaedtke says on the matter of both events being held, “just like during Homecoming when we have both the dance and the dodgeball tournament.”

All students involved and otherwise are very excited to hear of the final decision and where these festivities will take them.