What Really Happens at Teacher Workshops?

Mariam Tahir, News Editor

Twenty-three out of thirty-one days off from school are dedicated to teacher workshop days. Every time one comes around, it’s great news for the students because who doesn’t like a day off? For the teachers however, they get to have fun at school for a few more days.

There are many theories as to what actually happens at these workshops. “They probably just eat a lot of food and talk about stuff.”, says Sophomore Brianna Sexton. Freshman Kendra Held says, “I think they sit in a big auditorium, in small cramped desks and watch presentations.” Obviously our student body doesn’t know much about teacher workshops.

Teachers need just as much help as students do. Every few weeks, teachers attend Staff Development Days where they collaborate with each other and work on different strategies to help students learn the content that is being taught in their classrooms.

“Teacher workshops give us an opportunity to catch up with work and touch base with others about what is going on at school.” says Ms. Braun, a math teacher here at Eagan. “We also usually work with other teachers to make upcoming assignments and assessments for the students.”

Teacher workshops have been around since the school opened. “They’re kind of something that is necessary for us teachers to have. It’s better to work with a group of teachers than flying solo.” says Ms. Braun.

They really help us become more effective teachers

— Ms. Braun

Many teachers also incorporate what they’ve learned at teacher workshops in their classrooms. Ms. Braun says, “They really help us become more effective teachers, and they also help us prepare for the lessons plans.”

Over the years not much has changed at teacher workshops, only that the district has added on a few more to the school year, which is great news for the students.

Now next time a teacher workshop comes around the corner you’ll have a little bit of a better understanding of what really happens, and what teachers are doing while we’re probably in bed sleeping in.