ACT Testing on Tuesday for Juniors

Sydney Zatz, News Writer

This year, the Minnesota Legislators decided to have a common test for all students. The ACT is a nationally known test and they believed it was the best choice. It is now a state law that all juniors must take the ACT.

The goal is that everyone will have an ACT score. The legislators want kids to practice testing and taking the test. Although some will need the SAT for schools on the east coast. Or some will be going to community college, everyone will at least have something. The average amount of times students usually take the ACT is about two times. Last year, 490/550 seniors took the ACT.

It’s essential to try hard, it will be good for the student’s and the school

— Dr. Reikowski

The test will be taken by every single junior including those with special needs. Eagan has been preparing for a year to make sure the test is successful for students in all areas. The average Eagan composite score is about 25.2. Eagan is ranked among the top 3 schools in Minnesota and it’s one of the highest high school’s nationwide when it comes to the ACT.

The actual day the test will be taken is April 28th with a makeup day on May 12th. The Seniors will stay home and the 9th and 10th graders will have class as usual. Juniors will be in groups of 25 in closed rooms. They will have a junior’s only lunch at 12:30 and have 7th hour after that.

Last week, the school had a blocked scheduled so they could practice the test and learn what areas they need to focus on. There are also many online tests and classes for those who would like to practice it more.

Dr. Reikowski said, “It’s essential to try hard, it will be good for the student’s and the school. It will be good for the school to show off what we teach the students.” She then added, “Make sure you eat a good breakfast and get lots of sleep. We’ve been training teachers and we have very tight restrictions.”