Shedding Light on the Library

Elsie Goren, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Recently, the EHS library exhibited new, radiant lights. Hanging from the ceiling, the devices change color and illuminate the banners hanging below. Positioned with the help of a lift, the lights were installed early in the morning to prevent the disruption of students’ daily schedules.

Mr. Eichele clarifies, “The lights have many purposes. Specifically, they can impact the mood and change the atmosphere.”

Essentially, the lights construct the library’s character. They provide warmth in times of lethargy, vigor in times of despondency, and zest in times of festivity.

On Halloween, the lights will flash orange and black. During spirit weeks, the accessories will illuminate green and blue. The possibilities are endless. However, on a daily basis, they cycle through an array of hues.

This school year, EHS students and faculty have witnessed countless changes in the library, from the new layout to collaborative stations. The addition of lights augments the library’s charm. Yet, the innovation doesn’t end there.

“There will always be changes in our library,” Mr. Eichele opines.