Quiz Bowl Makes History


Left to right: Lucas Andersen, Andrew Ching, Jacob Mox, Andrew Marell, and Maddie Sandish. Photo courtesy of Mr. Poehler.

Marisa Goffman, Features Writer

The quiz bowl team attended the regional competition on Tuesday, February 28th and placed first in overall questions answered. The team missed going to state by 3.5 points. However, senior Lucas Andersen placed first in overall questions answered, carrying the team with him. Senior Andrew Marell also placed 5th in overall questions answered.

Quiz bowl is similar to the game trivial pursuit. Students are asked a variety of easy and difficult questions. The more questions correctly answered by a team, the higher its score. The questions’ topics vary from literature to math and geography. Jacob Flaum, a senior on the quiz bowl team, confides, “You get to show off your knowledge, plus there will be some random questions you know you can answer and then random questions you don’t know that your teammates can answer.

The quiz bowl competitions themselves are action-packed. Mr. Poehler, quiz bowl’s coach, explains, “You have teams of four that go head-to-head and are asked questions by the reader. They then have three seconds to buzz in with the answer. They are not allowed to talk to their teammates at all.”

The quiz bowl team is still practicing for upcoming meets and next year. Mr. Poehler says he is confident they will make it to state next year. He clarifies, “With only missing [state] by 3.5 points, we are a shoo-in for state next year.”