Eagan’s Seniors Applying to College


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Swati Rampalli, News Writer

College Application season has arrived and our seniors are busier than ever. As the deadlines slowly approach, seniors are rushing to fill in all the necessary essays and paperwork for their applications. Trying to handle the overload of college application season, two seniors express their views.

Senior Emily Albert-Stauning reveals her feelings regarding the process. She claims, “I’m overwhelmed but excited at the same time. We have so many possibilities for the future but it’s also a gift that we’re lucky to have.” When asked what the most nervous part of this time of year, she responded, “I thinking the fact that we don’t know where we’ll end up. It’s the uncertainty.” She also states that she wants to major in educational and social policy and possibly theatre. Albert-Stauning also takes part in many theatre activities within EHS and is captain of the Speech team. She also gives some advice to other seniors regarding college applications, expressing that the most important is to simply be honest with yourself. She elaborates, “Don’t go somewhere because you have to or because it’s prestigious. Go for the right reasons and make sure you fit into the environment. If they don’t want you for who you are then it’s not the right place for you.” Albert-Stauning lastly states that she is excited to enjoy the world around her and take in her last months at EHS.

I’m overwhelmed but excited at the same time. We have so many possibilities for the future but it’s also a gift that we’re lucky to have.

— Emily Albert Stauning

Moreover, another senior, Tiffany Presler, also communicates her views. When asked what her ideal college environment was, Presler stated, “I want to go out of state. I’d rather live in a city environment and experience the world around me from my own eyes.” She further states that she wants to view the world from her own perspective and know more about herself by living on her own. When asked how she felt, she responded, “It’s scary. We’re all going to be on our own for the first time. It’s exciting but also nerve-wracking to think that something like that is far away but also really close at the same time.” Moreover, Presler expressed her feelings regarding the upcoming due dates and deadlines. She claims that for her, it’s really hard handling work, school, and college all at the same time. She expresses concern about upcoming college deadlines and whether she’ll finish everything in time. When asked about what she plans to pursue, Presler  stated that, “Although I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to go into or what’s the right fit for me, I really like the ideas of psychology and marketing.”

As the future looms closer and closer, it’s important that senior try their best to make the right decisions. Though many of them don’t know what they’ll be doing, it’s important to remember to not to get lost in the stress and chaos of senior year, but to enjoy the last few months of high school.