High Schools Against Cancer wraps up Halloween fundraiser


Ana McMahon, Sports Editor

High Schools Against Cancer had a Halloween fundraiser from October 24 to the 31. The more money raised, meant more EHS teachers would dress up. Throughout the fundraiser, $276 were raised, all going to Hope Lodge in Minneapolis.

High Schools Against Cancer (HAC) is a national club, made by the American Cancer Society. All throughout the nation many schools are involved. Eagan High School is part of this with its own student club, which has around 30 members.

“Our goal is always to raise awareness for cancer and raise money for awesome causes, like the Hope Lodge,” Lydia Dawson, a member of Eagan’s HAC leadership team, said.

Since 2012, Eagan’s HAC club has been doing their annual Halloween fundraiser. Money is usually donated at lunch, but can be done so at anytime.

At each money checkpoint, there was a different group of teachers that needed to dress up. This went all the way from the world language teachers as chefs at $50, to Mr. Carlson, dressing up as Moana at $500.

This year HAC had a goal of $500, which was not met, as they raised $276. Although the goal was not met, many teachers still decided to dress up to get into the Halloween spirit.

HAC decided on donating all of the money to Hope Lodge in Minneapolis. Hope Lodge is organization/housing development built by the American Cancer Society. It is a place for cancer patients and their caregivers to stay when going through treatment, which possibly could be in a city away from their home. This allows patients and their families to not have to worry about where to stay or having to pay for their lodging, while going through treatment.

“We have used Hope Lodge in the past before,” HAC adviser, Mr. Carlson, said. “It is a great organization to work with and be apart of.”

HAC has meetings throughout every month, if interested see Mr. Carlson in room 138.