Powder Puff profits make a difference


Sana Tahir, Features Writer

This past week was Homecoming Week at Eagan. Homecoming week brings spirit days, the homecoming game and dance, and the fun after school activities. One of the classic activities is the Powder Puff game Eagan High School arranges, which is organized by Ms. Haus and Dr. Zak. Powder Puff is flag football played by girls from all grades and is normally on Monday of spirit week! Ms. Haus explained the money raised from admission to the Powder Puff game is sent to Dakota Woodlands. Dakota Woodlands is a homeless family shelter in Eagan.

Ms. Haus explained why we donate the money to the Dakota Woodlands, “Since it’s an all-girl team, we wanted to focus on a nonprofit that focuses on women and children.” This is the fourth year in a row that Eagan High School has raised money for the shelter. The goal for this year was about $1300-$1500. Dakota Woodlands can accommodate up to 22 families at once. This shelter started in 1995, with the name of Mary’s Shelter. Over 92% of resident at Dakota Woodlands succeed in being stably housed after they leave the shelter.