Black Students Speak Up

Suburbs Speak Up Peaceful Protest

Tori Westenberg, News Editor

Following the death of George Floyd on May 25th, protests have occurred in all 50 states of America as well as over 18 countries in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Due to the overwhelming global uprising it is clear that we are living through historical times seeing that this has been the largest civil rights movement ever recorded. Police brutality and racial discrimination are unfortunately common and ongoing threats to the lives of Black Americans. Police kill over 1,000 people in America a year and Black people are three times more likely than white people to be these victims. Racial discrimination is also prominent in schools as Black students are three times more likely to be suspended for the same infractions as white students. It is important to take this time to reflect on our values, educate ourselves, and listen to Black voices in our community. Featured below are powerful messages from a few Black students at our school as well as educational resources for being an ally and contributing to the movement. 


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“Your silence even before the death of George Floyd tells me all I need to know about you. The problems black people face in America slip your mind until they suddenly indirectly impact you. Be better.” -Kai Wilson
“I shouldn’t have to record myself saying goodbye to my loved ones, because I worry the ones meant to protect me won’t. Or because others feel uncomfortable with my skin.”   -Sinete Tesfai
“Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” -James Baldwin (Quoted by Navi Pritzl)
“Since Eagan high school is primarily white, I think it is important that we should work together to combat racism and prejudice. I have unfortunately experienced racism in Eagan and I wouldn’t wish that for anyone else. School should be a safe space and in order to do that the combating of even the slightest racism is necessary.” -Lee Mbiyu


“No matter your skin color, social status, or how powerful you feel you are, we should all be equal. We came here by birth and will all leave in death. That does not mean we should justify harming others or being cruel towards them because of the color of their skin.” -Jules Kennedy
It is hard to see racism when you grow up in a city like Eagan but it can be everywhere around us. If we educate ourselves and make an effort to make a difference then that is when change will come. -Kennedi Orr