Spring break: COVID style


Sana Tahir, Features Writer

Spring Break was a well-needed time off for everybody from this stressful year! Just like any break, it flew by! Although this past year has caused life to look different, many people still made the most of their week-long rest! I asked a few students how they spent their break:


Kyra Lopez: “I went to Florida with my parents and nephew. We ate a lot of South American food that was very good and definitely foods you can only find over there. We also went to Disney world but we only went to Epcot… obviously, we went to the beach and I took Instagram pictures”


 Kaylee Dehnke: “I played with my sister’s dog!” 


Annie Cung: “Well I worked a lot at Canes, and I made like Spotify plaques of my favorite songs with my friends.”


Alice Hovendon: “I actually pretty much worked all week.”: Alice Hovendon


Ainsley O’Higgins: “Over break, my grandparents and cousins came up to visit. It was really nice to see them for basically the first time since COVID started.”


Rachel Wilson: “I worked a lot at Starbucks, studied for the ACT, went shopping online and in-person, and volunteered at a couple of things at my church!”


Cole Nelson: “We played volleyball, swam in the ocean, hung out around the beach. We also went stargazing at night”


This spring break 57% of people traveled and while the CDC has allowed traveling, they recommend people who are not fully vaccinated to travel with caution. Upon arriving home, the CDC recommends getting a COVID test. Even if the test is negative, they advise quarantining for a week before continuing with your daily plans. Continue to social distance, wear a mask and watch for symptoms.