Dakota CI Hawks Finish First

Anthony Metcalfe, Editor-in-Chief

As spring sports begin to start their seasons, the Dakota CI Hawks floor hockey team is still reveling in its state championship. While some players move on to the softball season, there’s still time to take a moment and look back at this team’s success.

Going into the season, there were no doubts that the team expected to do well. Fresh off of an overtime loss in the soccer championship, the players decided they wouldn’t settle for second place again. Not just the players, even Coach Brett Kosidowski was buying in to a championship run. As he stated, they “promised each other… we wouldn’t allow that to happen again for hockey.” Along with determination, the team benefitted from a strong group of participants. To go along with their senior leadership, a fresh wave of 7th graders made an appearance, earning the praises of Coach Kosidowski.

This leadership, from seniors and others, proved to be vital throughout the season. In fact, it’s the aspect Coach Kosidowski seems to mention the most. Identifying his team as one that “played together and picked each other up when it was needed,” he quickly identified several specific instances of leadership. Dubbing Tyler Lupie Voss the “quiet leader throughout the season,” a player that “managed the court at all times,” Coach K also identified Carl Fagre as a player that “helped a younger defensive player (Joey Gallup) learn the tricks of the trade and get better each week.” Lupie Voss added to that, stating that the championship was “just a team effort,” being quick to give credit to all of his teammates.

To go along with strong performances from the previously mentioned Voss and Fagre, it must be said that, as Kosidowski put it, Blake St. Mane had “one of the best tournaments [he] has ever seen out of any player [he] has coached.” Characterized as a player that “couldn’t be stopped from scoring when he was in the zone,” it certainly sounds like St. Mane stepped it up for state. Finally, another standout indicated was Apple Valley student Bryce Jahnke, who stood out at goalie throughout the season.

While they had their sights set on it, winning the championship still came as a surprise for the team as a whole. From their coach, who “can’t believe [they] actually did it,” to Lupie Voss, who stated that the team was just “excited” after the victory, they certainly enjoyed it.

With fall and winter sports now over, three state championships have been won by Eagan students thus far. Having gotten a taste of winning state, don’t be surprised if the Dakota CI Hawks make a run again this spring.